Over the last few months, many of my constituents have contacted me regarding their difficulty in accessing dental treatment, whether it be long waiting times for appointments or an inability to find an NHS provider.  

I’ve raised these concerns with Ministers, Health Officials and most recently during a debate in Parliament. Unfortunately, however, this is one of the lasting consequences of the pandemic with The British Dental Association estimating that over 43 million NHS dental appointments – over a year’s worth of dentistry in pre-Covid times – has been lost due to the pandemic. The Government is already acting on this nationally, but I’d like to improve the local picture.  

That is why I’ll be conducting this survey to find out how many of my constituents are currently waiting for dental care or have been unable to sign up to an NHS dentist. I hope to share the results with NHS England & NHS Improvement to work constructively & improve dental services locally.  

NHS Dentistry Survey in Blackpool

  • Current Registered with an NHS Dentist
  • Appointments
  • About you
  • Your details
Are you registered with an NHS dentist?
By “registered”, we mean on the practice list of an NHS dental surgery for routine medical care.  If you are registered with an NHS dentist whose practice is closed, please tick “NO”.
How far away is it?
How far would you be willing to travel to register with an NHS dentist?
Are you waiting to be allocated to an NHS dentist?
How long have you been waiting to be allocated an NHS dentist??
Are you concerned about your oral health?