Re-open our Airport for commercial passenger flights

Blackpool Council has badly neglected our Airport, ignoring its potential. Since they bought it several years ago they have failed to make re-opening the Airport for commercial passenger flights a priority.

Restoring national and international flights would make it easier and cheaper for you to travel around the UK and abroad. And would send out a strong message that Blackpool is open for business.

That’s why I’m joining with local groups as the ‘Save Blackpool Airport Group’ in calling on the Council to work with flight operators and create a business plan that will make restoring national and international flights possible. This will make it easier for you to travel, will help to put us back on the map!

Better rail links will help to improve our connections to the rest of Lancashire and the UK. That’s why I support more regular train services going from Blackpool to Preston. And why I’m working with Government to create a passing loop on the South Fylde Rail Line to make this a reality.

This will make it quicker and easier for you to travel, not just to Preston, but to Manchester, Liverpool and London too. It will also support local businesses, and tourism, by making it easier for people to travel here to spend their money.

Airport Survey

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1.1 If Blackpool Airport re-opened, would you travel from the airport to any of the following locations (tick all which apply)?
1.2 If Blackpool Airport re-opened, which of the following statements do you think would be true?
1.3 Would you support a small increase in your Council Tax if this were ringfenced to help to fund re-opening the Airport?
1.4 Do you support re-opening Blackpool Airport?