South Fylde Rail Line

Scott and Fylde MP Mark Menzies have written a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Transport to ask for funding for a passing loop on the South Fylde line.

The two MPs wrote to Grant Shapps, following the announcement of a £500 million fund to look into bringing disused railway lines back into use.

In the 1980s, the South Fylde railway line lost its second track, rendering the line a ‘long siding’ which only allows for one rail service per hour.

The letter states: “Here we have a rail line which lost its second track, and the ability to run any semblance of a decent timetable

“This line serves the towns of Kirkham, Lytham and St Annes in Fylde, and also two of the biggest tourism attractions in the UK in Blackpool South – Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark. The Pleasure Beach alone can attract in excess of five million visitors per year, and the Sandcastle – Europe’s largest indoor waterpark – more than 300,000.

“We have met with Transport For The North and they tell us they have a minimum requirement for two services per hour on all rail lines; we need to secure funding for a passing loop to allow more than one service at a time to be on the South Fylde line.”

Scott said: “It is ridiculous to have such a poor railway line into Blackpool South and the Pleasure Beach in particular. If we had a decent timetable and reliability, we could actually market the Pleasure Beach and rail tickets together – I’m sure it would give residents a much better service to use, and also bring in significant revenues for the rail companies.”

And Mr Menzies added: “I have fought for a passing loop on this line ever since I was elected. It was wonderful to hear Transport For The North state we will see at least double the services on the line in future – now perhaps we have a funding mechanism to move the project on.”